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Vintage Hand Chair - Pedro Friedberg Replica

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Style: Wood

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Vintage Hand Chair - Pedro Friedberg Replica


The Pedro Friedeberg Hand Chair is a captivating piece of furniture that has garnered attention for its unique design and artistic value. 



Pedro Friedeberg is a Mexican artist and designer known for his surrealist work. Born in Italy in 1936 and moving to Mexico at a young age, Friedeberg's work often blends religious symbolism, op art, and surrealism, reflecting a diverse range of cultural influences.

The Hand Chair, created in the 1960s, is a prime example of Friedeberg's approach to art and design, where he often combines elements of absurdity and surrealism. His work challenges traditional design norms and encourages viewers to see everyday objects in a new light.

The Hand Chair is essentially a sculpture that functions as a chair. It's designed in the shape of a hand with the palm serving as the seat and the fingers as the backrest. This design makes it not just a piece of furniture but a statement art piece.

It quickly became a symbol of avant-garde design and has been featured in various art exhibitions and collections around the world. It's considered an iconic piece of 20th-century design.


Material and Craftsmanship:

Over the years, there have been many variations and reproductions of the Hand Chair. While original pieces by Friedeberg are highly valued and sought after by collectors, numerous replicas and interpretations have been produced, making the design accessible to a broader audience.

Material and Craftsmanship: The original Hand Chairs were made from carved wood, showcasing Friedeberg's skill and attention to detail. The tactile nature of the wood adds to the sensory experience of the chair.

Friedeberg's Hand Chair has influenced many designers and artists. Its unique blend of functional design and artistic expression has made it a landmark in the world of design and a source of inspiration for unconventional furniture designs.

Aphrodite's Casa takes pride in offering exquisitely replicated editions of this design masterpiece, broadening access to this unique design treasure. Crafting each chair is a precise and careful endeavor, hence only a select number of replicas will be available. Ensure your chance to own one by joining our exclusive waitlist.



Size: 63x63x97cm 
Material: Fiberglass, Wood
Color: White, Black, Wood


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