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Aphrodite's Casa

Medusa Crystal Glass Ashtray

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Medusa Crystal Glass Ashtray


  • The clarity and brilliance of crystal glass remain captivating and stylish over time
  • High-quality crystal glass is sturdy and resistant to cracks
  • Impressive Gift that reflects thoughtfulness
  • Crystal's reflective properties catch and play with light, adding a touch of glamour to the surroundings


This exquisite ashtray made from crystal glass features a Medusa emblem, which is a timeless symbol of strength and beauty. Its soft golden elements further enhance the luxurious appeal, providing a touch of warmth and rich contrast against the clear crystal glass




The Tray can be placed Indoors, as well as Outdoors, and complements a variety of different styles. Keep in mind that regardless of its location, this ashtray should ideally be placed on a surface where its delicate features can be noticed and appreciated – somewhere it can catch the light and where the golden accents and crystal glass can truly shine.




The Ashtray shines in settings where its golden accents can be complemented. Consider placing it in a room with warm hues such as rich browns, deep maroons or subtle beiges, allowing the gold to truly stand out. It can also serve as a stunning contrast in a minimalist setting




Diameter: 13.5cm
Height: 6cm
Material: Crystal Glass

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