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Voyages of Earth

Voyages of Earth is inspired by the striking and diverse landscapes of our planet. Each vase in the collection represents a unique geographic and cultural discovery, capturing the textures, colors, and spirit of different parts of the world.

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The Collection offers a selection of handblown glass and ceramic vases, representing the hues and contours of the globe's diverse cultures. From the stark elegance of white tall vases and glass cylinders to the robust form of stone vases and the organic feel of handblown glass vases, each piece tells its own tale.

Scandinavian Hand-Fired Cream Glass Vase

This collection exemplifies a modern reimagining of traditional silhouettes, drawing upon the fluidity and organic shapes characteristic of the organic modernism movement.

The fluid lines and gentle curves are a nod to the natural waves of Saharan dunes, while the stark, contrasting patterning is evocative of the bold shadows.

Reminiscent of mid-century modern aesthetics, it represents a seamless integration of retro inspiration with the finesse of contemporary glassblowing techniques.

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Glass Handbag Vase - Hand Blown Glass Vase & Satchel

Originating from the age-old tradition of glassblowing, this handcrafted vase embodies a design philosophy that marries the practical elegance of a woman's handbag with the translucent allure of glass art.

Skillfully handblown by master craftsmen, the vase’s contours and colors pay homage to the timeless accessory, capturing its sophistication and versatility.

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