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Aphrodite's Casa

Glass Handbag Vase - Hand Blown Glass Vase

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Hand-Blown Glass Vase; Modern Home Decor Flower Vase

This Glass Handbag Vase boasts an elongated, fluted shape with a wide opening, standing at 45 cm with a 26 cm width, it is crafted from captivating amber, brown, and yellow hues, accentuated by clear accents. 

Experience the charm of traditional glassmaking in our Glass Handbag Vases. These pieces, crafted from hand-blown glass, showcase the timeless skill of artisans.

  • Ideal for displaying flowers or as a standalone piece, these vases bring both beauty and utility to your table or shelf.
  • Seamlessly fitting into modern, traditional, or transitional spaces, they enhance any room they're placed in.
  • Celebrate the beauty of handmade art with each vase's individual character and quality.


Why Choose Our Glass Handbag Vases?

In choosing these vases you're supporting sustainable, traditional craftsmanship. These vases are not mass-produced; they're made with attention and care, they represent a commitment to eco-conscious living and an appreciation for artisanal skills.

Add these exquisite Glass Handbag Vases to your collection today and redefine your living space with a touch of modern artistry.

Voyages of Earth

Voyages of Earth is inspired by the striking and diverse landscapes of our planet. Each vase in the collection represents a unique geographic and cultural discovery, capturing the textures, colors, and spirit of different parts of the world.

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The Collection offers a selection of handblown glass and ceramic vases, representing the hues and contours of the globe's diverse cultures. From the stark elegance of white tall vases and glass cylinders to the robust form of stone vases and the organic feel of handblown glass vases, each piece tells its own tale.

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