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Aphrodite's Casa

Retro Pasta Plate Swirl - Farmhouse Ceramic Dinnerware

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Size: Soup Plate (25cm)

Retro Pasta Plate Swirl - Farmhouse Ceramic Dinnerware


This white, retro-inspired soup plate features was created in a rustic style, with a speckled design and rough, uneven edges that highlight its handcrafted appearance. It's a great choice for those who prefer a natural, artisanal look in tableware. The Pasta Plate complements homemade or traditional dishes by adding to the overall aesthetic of a hearty and authentic meal presentation.*



To create an inviting and harmonious table setting, we recommend placing the plate atop a charger or larger dinner plate in a contrasting yet complementary color, such as light gray or beige. This arrangement will draw attention to the soup plate's delightful swirl pattern while simultaneously showcasing the other elements on the table.
To further emphasize the rustic charm of the Retro Soup Plate Swirl, incorporate natural materials and textures throughout your table setting. Wooden chargers, jute placemats, or even a simple burlap table runner can add an extra layer of visual interest and authenticity to your dining space.




Consider incorporating table linens in warm, earthy tones, such as terracotta, mustard, or olive green. These colors will not only accentuate the brown swirl pattern on the soup plate but also add depth and warmth to your dining space.





Diameter: 25cm
Height: 5.5cm
Material: Ceramics
Color: White, Brown


*Please note that due to the unique handmade nature of our plates, variations are normal and not eligible for return.

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