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Aphrodite's Casa

Hand-Painted Floral Sushi Plate - Minimalist Fine Porcelain

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Size: Plate (21cm)


  • Hand-painted floral motives
  • Minimalist charm of brushed flatware
  • Unique Squared Shape
  • Fine Porcelain Quality


Discover the Hand-Painted Floral Blooming Square Plate, a 21cm fine porcelain masterpiece with a unique squared shape. This minimalist charm plate features exquisite hand-painted floral motifs in delicate shades of orange and green, set against a pristine white base. Perfect for adding a touch of serene fusion to your tableware collection, our brushed flatware plate combines quality, beauty, and minimalist elegance. Ideal for modern home decor.



Consider selecting minimalist flatware with clean lines and a brushed finish, as well as coordinating glassware with subtle etchings or patterns. Incorporate natural elements, such as wooden chargers or placemats, to evoke a serene atmosphere. Otherwise, we recommend organic materials like bamboo, teak, or light oak.



Opt for table linens and napkins in neutral tones, such as soft beige or light gray, to accentuate the plate's vibrant colors without overwhelming the overall design. s. A low-profile arrangement of fresh seasonal flowers in soft, muted tones, such as white, pale orange, and pale green, is an ideal choice. To further enhance the ambiance, include a few tea light candles in glass or ceramic holders for a subtle, warm glow.



Diameter: 21cm 
Height: 2cm
Material: Porcelain
Color: White


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