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Artistic Flower Vase - Gentle Stripes

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Artistic Flower Vase - Gentle Stripes


  • Hand-fired glass
  • Unique shape elevates blooms
  • Cream glass with delicate black stripes
  • Modern & timeless aesthetic

The Artistic Flower Vase with gentle black stripes is a true embodiment of avant-garde ceramics that represents the ethos of freeform minimalism. Crafted from cream-colored glass, the vase exudes warmth and softness that instantly elevates any space. You can buy the full set here.

Crafted from cream-colored glass, this vase exudes warmth and softness that instantly elevates any space. Its spherical form, one of the purest geometric shapes, contributes to the minimalist aesthetic while the gentle thin black stripes embracing its curvature add a touch of sophistication. Each stripe, meticulously hand-painted, is a celebration of uniqueness and artisanal quality




The artistic flower vase is designed to hold a variety of flowers, from fresh-cut blooms to dried arrangements. Its unique shape and design provide a perfect backdrop for displaying your favorite flowers, adding a touch of natural beauty and elegance to your space. The vase's size is generous enough to make a statement on its own, yet versatile enough to be paired with other decorative elements or vases for a more curated look.

When it comes to styling, this artistic flower vase is incredibly versatile. It can be placed in various settings, from a modern minimalist living room to a cozy Scandinavian-inspired bedroom. It pairs well with other Swedish design elements, such as natural wood furniture, neutral color palettes, and simple, clean lines. You can also use it to add a touch of contrast to a more eclectic or bohemian interior, creating a unique and visually captivating focal point.




Its neutral cream color and minimalist design provide a versatile basis for pairing with a wide array of decor styles. The understated elegance of the vase complements both bold and subtle color schemes.



Size: 21.5x17cm
Material: Glass
Color: White

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