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Aphrodite's Casa

Love Handles - Ceramic Vase "Nude"

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Size: Large (18 x 20 cm)

Love Handles - White Ceramic Vase "Nude" 


Discover the Love Handles - Ceramic Vase "Nude". Made from fine ceramics, this unique vase boasts a clean, white exterior with a sculptural design and two handle-like "arms", that mimic the graceful curves of the female form.

  • Doubling as a piece of art, this vase adds an avant-garde touch to your home or office.
  • Whether showcasing a bouquet or standing alone, it serves as a captivating focal point.
  • Suited for various settings, it complements a reading nook, enlivens a reception area, or becomes ta cozy addition to your bedroom.


Why Choose Our Ceramic Vases?

We see this as a contemporary piece inspired by the figure - born from a notion of how art can be made daily. It expresses a commitment to beauty within simplicity and an appreciation for art that drives our daily life. It speaks to mindfulness and intentionality in home décor, honors forms which speak to an aesthetic and an ethical sensibility.

Voyages of Earth

Voyages of Earth is inspired by the striking and diverse landscapes of our planet. Each vase in the collection represents a unique geographic and cultural discovery, capturing the textures, colors, and spirit of different parts of the world.

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The Collection offers a selection of handblown glass and ceramic vases, representing the hues and contours of the globe's diverse cultures. From the stark elegance of white tall vases and glass cylinders to the robust form of stone vases and the organic feel of handblown glass vases, each piece tells its own tale.

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