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Aphrodite's Casa

Ivory Coast Artisan Coffee Cup 320ml - Durable Ceramic Mug

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  • Premium ceramics make these mugs resistant to chipping, cracking, and fading, ensuring their longevity
  • Traditional Ivorian patterns add history and individuality
  • Ergonomically designed handles provide comfortable grip
  • Elevates your daily coffee routine
The artistic and cultural richness of the Ivory Coast comes to life in this Black Ceramic Mug. The mug's deep black ceramic forms a stark, mesmerizing canvas for the intricate printed designs. Drawing inspiration from traditional Ivorian geometric art, the patterns exude a sense of history and individuality, turning a simple mug into an objet d'art



In accord with our love for simplicity and natural materials, we recommend pairing this mug with a wooden coaster, perhaps crafted from rich mahogany or walnut, to deepen the contrast with the mug's captivating black color




For color combinations, there are many options with this cup. A monochromatic scheme would be to pair it with other black, grey, and white elements for a contemporary, sophisticated look. Alternatively, to evoke warmth and earthiness, incorporate tones of terracotta, mustard, and forest green
Remember, each piece from Aphrodite's Casa, including this mug, is created with an eye for sustainability, keeping our promise to you and our planet!





Volume: 320ml
Material: Ceramic
Color: Black & White

** Wooden Tray not Included

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