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Lilla Sheep - Handmade Wool Sheep

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Lilla Sheep - Handmade Wool Sheep


  • Crafted with care for a unique character
  • Colored beans in beautiful shades add playful authenticity
  • Handmade nature may bring slight irregularities
  • Elevate your decor with Nordic whimsy and warmth


Immerse your space in Nordic charm with our Lilla Sheep, a handmade wool sheep figurine that embodies the essence of cozy aesthetics. Crafted with care, this piece features wooden legs for sturdy support and measures 16x11x11cm.

With a delightful blend of handmade artistry, the Lilla Sheep adds a touch of warmth to your decor. The use of colored beans in a range of beautiful natural hues adds a playful yet authentic touch to this charming piece. Please note that due to its handmade nature, slight irregularities may occur, adding to its unique character.



Infuse your interior with the essence of Nordic design by placing the Lilla Sheep in strategic spots. Its handmade nature and rustic charm make it a versatile addition to various settings. Let it grace your shelves, mantel, or even bring a touch of Nordic whimsy to your workspace.



The incorporation of colored beans in various beautiful natural shades evokes a sense adds an organic touch to the Sheep.



  • Dimensions: 16x11x11cm
  • Material:  Wool with Wooden Legs
  • Design: Nordic Handmade Decor with Colored Beans
  • Colors: Various Colorful Natural Shades


Note: Due to its handmade nature, irregularities may occur.

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