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Aphrodite's Casa

Retro Leopard Glass

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Retro Leopard Cup 


Introducing our Retro Leopard Glass, a stylish and nostalgic piece that brings a touch of vintage glamour to your drinkware collection. This glass features a leopard pattern in a range of pale yellowish, with dark spots grouped in rosettes for a classic retro look.

The unique and eye-catching design of this glass adds a playful yet refined touch to any occasion. Whether you're sipping your favorite cocktail, enjoying a glass of wine, or serving a refreshing beverage to guests, this glass will surely be a eye-catcher.
Made from high-quality glass, this piece is not only visually stunning but also durable and long-lasting. The smooth and sleek glass surface is easy to clean, making it practical for everyday use or special occasions.




This retro leopard pattern glass is perfect for adding a touch of nostalgic charm to your home bar, dining table, or entertaining space. Pair it with other vintage-inspired glassware for a cohesive retro theme, or use it as a standalone statement piece to add a touch of elegance to your drinkware collection.







Size: 9.5 x 10cm
Volume: 250ml
Material: Glass
Color: Pale Yellow, Black

Luxury Home Decor, Affordable Interior

⚫ Crafted by local craftsmen and selected by our experts

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-Raphael Becker, Chief Innovation Officer